‘Getting to go out to a roof top bar with the clients to celebrate was also pretty amazing!’ Rachael Oakley
Trainee Solicitor at OC and former vacation scheme student. London

Why did you choose to work at OC?

When I was looking for vacation schemes I chose Osborne Clarke because of its excellent reputation, its areas of expertise and its exciting business growth. When I got to the firm I realised that everything I had read about the firm was true. Even on the vacation scheme I got involved in real client work and felt like part of the team. It’s an international firm, with big ambitions, but everyone is down to earth and makes you feel part of OC. This has only got better now I’ve started my training contract, OC has the perfect balance of exciting clients and challenging work, all in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

What’s the one piece of advice you wish you’d had?

I think I was given the best bit of advice I could have been given – to just be myself and not be afraid to ask for help. When you start your training contract you can be very nervous about settling in and getting to grips with the role of a trainee solicitor, but one of the best aspects of the firm is its atmosphere and you shouldn’t be afraid to speak out where you need a push in the right direction, after all, everyone’s been there before and probably made the same mistakes as you at some point!

What sets OC apart from other law firms?

Well we’ve just been named Law Firm of the Year in the Legal Business Awards 2015, it’s this outstanding reputation, commitment to always being the best we can be and the people that really set OC apart from other law firms.

What is it about London that attracted you to these offices?

I’ve always wanted to work in London, I enjoy being in the capital city where all the action takes place. Working in London means you get to work with some amazing clients, and living in London means you have a good social life because there’s always a friend around and something new and exciting to try.

What has been your best experience at OC?

My best experience at OC so far has been the completion of a big deal I was working on, it took a lot of hard work and effort of everyone pulling together, but it was a really great feeling when it completed. Getting to go out to a roof top bar with the clients to celebrate was also pretty amazing!

Have you been involved in any charity/pro bono work whilst at OC?

I recently went along to the OC charity quiz in support of the firms charity, St Bart’s hospital. It was a really good chance to get together in a social environment and to test everyone’s non-legal knowledge. I’m probably biased, (as my team came out top!), but it really was a good night with everyone in the firm getting together, eating pizza and having a few drinks. We combined the evening with the greatly contested trainee bake-off which caused some friendly rivalry and lots of donations, with my cupcakes judging first place!

What’s the biggest difference between being a law student and a trainee/lawyer?

There’s a lot more responsibility as a trainee and the teams aren’t afraid to give you as much responsibility as you can handle, mixed with all the support that you need. It’s a great opportunity to really get involved in matters, so it should be embraced, and come completion, it’s really exciting to know that you’ve been heavily involved in making the deal happen.

Meet our people

  • Max Herfurth

    Studied an LLB before training and is now an Associate.

  • Chloe Deng

    Studied for an LLB and LLM, now a Solicitor at OC.

  • Poppy Pite

    Studied history and philosophy, before working as an employment advisor. Poppy is now a Solicitor at OC.