In the spotlight with vac scheme student: Aidan Coghlan

Why did you choose to apply to Osborne Clarke?

I chose Osborne Clarke because of the strong impression that the firm made on me during every stage of the recruitment process, from careers fair through to vacation scheme. I was impressed by the high calibre of the people I met, and what really stood out to me was the combination of systematic, professional processes and attitudes combined with friendliness, approachability and team ethic. Of the several different companies that I have worked for, it seems to me that Osborne Clarke really hits the sweet spot here.

What did you get involved with during your placement?

I had the opportunity to get involved in all manner of activities, from the drafting and amending of documents, proof reading, and drafting responses to client queries to networking lunches and social activities such as drinks and the summer party. I really feel that I got a genuine insight into the life of a trainee, that the work I was given to do was meaningful and that my contribution was valued. The people that I met really made me feel part of the team from day one.

It’s hard to pick one highlight, since I learnt a great deal in many areas during my vacation scheme placement. But if I have to choose one, I’d say that it was the drafting of a loan agreement document. This was particularly interesting because I discovered that on the unique facts of the situation, the template for the document did not completely capture one aspect of the circumstances that I thought might require documentation. Encouraged by the feedback I had received at interview that everyone has a role to play in refining such documentation, I proposed certain changes to my trainee mentor, who was receptive to my suggestion. This episode highlights to me the collaborative, supportive environment of Osborne Clarke and the relatively flat organisational structure in which everyone’s contribution is valued. Lots of companies may make claims to this kind of culture, but I know as a fact that Osborne Clarke lives it.

I am absolutely delighted to have accepted a place as a trainee at Osborne Clarke, and I think that anyone remotely interested in a career as a solicitor should take a serious look at the firm. To my mind its emphasis on sector knowledge, technical legal excellence and international perspective is a winning formula, and the warmth of the firm’s culture reassures me that it will be a wonderful place in which, I hope, to build my legal career.

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