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I have been involved with OC for Good since my first day as a trainee at Osborne Clarke, when I watched as a Senior Associate abseiled down the atrium of the Bristol Office for LandAid, a homeless charity in Bristol. OC for Good is more than just charity fundraisers though, it is an umbrella term that captures all of the initiatives OC engages with to ensure we are working towards the goal of being a ‘good corporate citizen’. During my time as a trainee, I have been able to get involved in two areas of OC for Good through working with the Charitiy Committee and the Sustainable Business Group.

The Sustainable Business Group oversees the environmental initiatives at Osborne Clarke and focusses on reducing our impact of the environment. We meet once a month to discuss new ideas and projects which the firm might want to adopt. Most recently, we have been engaging with a sustainably consultant who is advising us on building in sustainability within our new Bristol office, the Halo Building, which is set to be one of the Greenest office buildings in the UK.

The Charity Committee chooses local charities to support and organises fundraisers which seek to raise funds for those people who need it most within our local communities. At Osborne Clarke, we are encouraged to volunteer our time to charities where possible and are able to dedicate up to 28 hours of our working year to volunteer work.

Trainees are always encouraged to get involved with OC for Good and it is really down to personal preference as to of the area you get involved. OC for Good provides us all with a platform and forum which allowed me to express my interests in charitable projects and environmental sustainability.

More importantly, OC for Good challenged my traditional perception of what a law firm should look like, how it should operate and what its priorities should be. It is increasingly important that law firms are responsible corporate citizens and OC for Good is just one way of working towards this ideal.

Written by Millie Smith, Trainee Associate at Osborne clarke.

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