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What are your opening and closing dates?

Our annual deadlines are:

  • Vacation Scheme: Open for applications 1 November, Closing date 15 January
  • Training Contract: Open for applications 1 November, Closing date 15 January
  • Insight Scheme: Open for applications 1 November, Closing date 28 February

What resources are useful for applicants?

Our trainees recommend the following online resources for useful advice on pursuing a career in the law:

How do I apply for a paralegal role?

Paralegal opportunities are advertised in the careers section of our website.

Can I train to be an English solicitor with a law degree from overseas?

Students who have completed a full-time degree in any subject from an overseas university qualify for entry onto the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), after which you can complete the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

Your Application

How am I assessed during my vacation scheme?

During your vacation scheme, we will be looking for a number of characteristics we believe are essential to becoming a successful solicitor. We will therefore be assessing you through a number of different exercises including a group exercise, written exercise and partner interview.

What does the application process involve?

For the Vacation Scheme and Training Contract, the application process will involve an online application, online test and assessment day. You can take a practice online test here.

Do you interview on a rolling basis?

We will read applications as they come in but we will not fill our assessment centre places before the deadline closes.

Can I apply if I haven’t studied law?

Yes. We welcome applications from non-law students

I didn’t achieve the required academic results, can I still apply?

Yes, you can. Academic success is important to us but we know that sometimes, for very good reasons, bright people don’t necessarily get the grades they deserve. We have partnered with Rare, a multi-award winning diversity company, to integrate their Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) into our recruitment process. The CRS enables us to further understand the context in which applicants’ experiences have been gained, and recruit the very best people from a range of backgrounds. There is also space within the application form to disclose any mitigating circumstances.

Can I get feedback on my application?

We can’t provide feedback at the application stage due to the large volume of applications we receive. If you come to an assessment centre, we will give you an evaluation over the phone.

Can I reapply if my application isn’t successful?

If your application is unsuccessful at the application stage then you are eligible to reapply at any stage. If your application is unsuccessful at either assessment centre or interview stage then you are not able to reapply in the same recruitment year.

Law School

Do you mind where I study the GDL or LPC?

All sponsored students must study at BPP. You are able to study at any of their centres across the UK. If you have already completed your GDL & LPC, we have no preference over where you have studied.

Do you specify which electives I take at law school?

If we are supporting you through the LPC then we will stipulate which electives you study. If you are self-funding the courses we would simply ask that you consider the areas we work in before choosing your electives.

Your Training Contract

Do trainees have a choice of where they sit?

Yes. Prior to and during your training contract, a dedicated member of the HR team will meet with you to discuss your interests and career ambitions so that we are able to think about your Training Contract as a whole. Before seat rotation, you will receive a list of available seats and will be asked to submit your top three choices. Where possible, we will endeavour to place you in your top choice but please do keep an open mind – some of our trainees have even qualified into areas they previously hadn’t considered!

Do trainees undertake client secondments?

We have ad hoc secondments with clients that, most recently, have included a number of clients in the digital business sector, and a leading payments technology company in the City.

Can trainees do an international seat?

All trainees have the opportunity, should they want it, to spend some time working from one of our international offices. Our approach is a flexible one, allowing trainees to go to work in another country for a short period of time (1-3 weeks), carrying out their day to day work from the UK whilst being based in another country.

How many trainees stay on with the firm on qualification?

Our aim is always to retain as many trainees as possible – in 2018 we retained 91% of our qualifying trainees.

Diversity & Inclusion

I have a disability & require the application form in an alternative format, can you provide this?

If you require the form in a different format, please contact us as early as possible to discuss your needs. Any disability disclosure will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively. Adjustments can be made and support requirements taken into consideration during the application process to enable you to best demonstrate your abilities and achievements .

I may require reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process. Will you be able to provide these?

If at any stage of our application processes for insight schemes, vacation schemes or training contracts, you need any reasonable adjustments to be made, please get in touch to let us know. Please contact a member of the graduate recruitment team by e-mail and we will together be able to determine any adjustments you require to help you perform to the best of your ability.

Vacation Schemes & Work Experience

Do you offer work experience?

Due to the number of requests we receive, we are unable to offer work experience outside of our Insight and Vacation Schemes

Can I do a vacation scheme in my first year?

Our Vacation Scheme is exclusively available to candidates who are able to begin their Training Contract in two years’ time. We offer first years the opportunity to gain insight into life as a lawyer at Osborne Clarke through our two-day insight scheme.

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