“As a corporate NQ you are often working on several deals”. John Jarvis
Associate London

Why did you want to pursue a career in Law?

I was searching for an interesting job with day to day variation and being a lawyer seemed like a great option. I really enjoy the logical and methodical approach to the job.

Why Osborne Clarke?

At the time I was making applications (in 2009), I was looking for a growing firm with European presence that was ambitious and Osborne Clarke fitted the bill perfectly. I applied to firms with international offices as I wanted to work on matters with an international aspect due to heightened interest and also to maybe use my language skills which I have been able to do at Osborne Clarke done. Undoubtedly, the assessment day at Osborne Clarke was the one I most enjoyed; the interview process was informal which reflected on the firm and its culture.

How has your training contract at Osborne Clarke aided your transition to qualified lawyer?

At OC if you can prove yourself to be capable and responsible then fee-earners are happy to aid your progression and give you more responsibility. The supervisors were excellent as they would ask you what you were interested in and worked on getting me involved in those types of deals. I think at OC all the trainees are excellent and I really liked how supervisors would actively look to get you involved in interesting and varied work to show the best the department had to offer for the purposes of attracting you on qualification.

I enjoy working in an open-plan environment as it allows Osbornec Clarke’s culture to flourish and the fact that there is no hierarchy aid your development as all partners and lawyers are available to deal with any queries you may have.

What drew you to qualify into Corporate?

I absolutely love transactional work, and enjoy the level of interaction with clients on a deal. You really notice (and our clients often comment) on how commercial this department is when negotiating corporate documentation. It may sound corny, but there is nothing more professionally satisfying than closing a deal/matter after sometimes months of drafting and negotiation. The variety of clients and instructions is fantastic. Just in the last couple of months, I have worked on seed investment for tech start-ups and acquisitions by multinational PLCs.

Typical day?

Depending on deadlines, as a corporate NQ you are often working on several deals at any one time, all at different stages of the deal. You may be preparing for a completion which tends to rather take over your time just as you need to ensure that all documents are accurate and reflect the inevitable last minute changes to the deal.

If you don’t have a completion, generally drafting ancillary documentation for larger deals or the main transaction documentation for smaller matters

Also, corporate tends to ‘lead’ deals which means often you are communicating with lawyers of several other departments in the due diligence process or in drafting documents (due to the interplay between documents). Dealing with lots of different department from around the firm is one aspect I really enjoy about corporate.

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