‘I started my career in the film industry working for an independent feature film producer.’ Mathias Loertscher
Partner London

Why did you become a lawyer?

I started my career in the film industry working for an independent feature film producer. In that role, I got a glimpse of what our external lawyer got up to, from structuring financing to co-production deals and thought working on deals looked like great fun.

Why did you apply to train at Osborne Clarke in London?

I met an Osborne Clarke Partner at a film contracts seminar. He was a really engaging and friendly person and through him I did an informal week of work experience. I really liked the culture of Osborne Clarke so decided to apply.

Has training at Osborne Clarke assisted you in your role as trainee supervisor?

Yes it has. I know the types of deals we work on and what a trainee would typically do, but also where I got the most experience during my training contract and what helped me advance as a trainee in that respect. So as a supervisor, I try to help trainees identify those opportunities and aim for the greatest possible amount of experience during their seats.

What support has been available to you throughout your time at Osborne Clarke?

There’s been lots of support from weekly training sessions, formal and informal mentoring, personal supervisors and coaching. As a firm, I think we are great at identifying and rewarding the skills people have and allowing them to progress.

What do you enjoy about working in Corporate?

I enjoy really getting to know the moving parts on complex transactions and using that knowledge to solve multi-faceted problems for our clients. I’m also helping clients through their life-cycles and supporting them through the ups and downs.

Typical day?

There is no such thing as a typical day when you are a lawyer.

Most significant deal that you’ve worked on to date?

The largest deal I’ve worked on the Carphone Warehouse/TalkTalk demerger a few years ago. In terms of most intellectually challenging deal for me, however, I would say was the Iris/Cheil transaction last year. You can read about both these deals on the Osborne Clarke website here.

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